Bye Seeingingreyscale; Why the name change?

Well, as you may be able to tell from my blog, and my instagram and the title, I've had a bit of a name change. To be perfectly honest with you, seeingingreyscale just wasn't exciting me anymore so I sat down with the lovely Peach Lace Photography and Graphics and we decided to first of all redesign my blog to see if it would make me fall in love with my blog and name all over again and it started. We were trying out different themes and ideas and it hit me - I need to change my name to something more personal and relatable.
I have a guilty pleasure for watching Gi and Tom Fletcher on youtube and I love the whole 'Dear Carrie' aspect to their videos and it got me thinking, what if I were to address my blog to the person I love the most; and Dear Maisie was born.
Maisie has influenced a lot of my life choices since she was born in December '15, first of those choice being to start writing a blog so I thought what better way to show my love and appreciation for my little lady than to include her in the thing I love to do.
Dear Maisie blog will not change too much from seeingingreyscale although it will be a lot more active and I will, without fail have a new blog post up every single Tuesday. I feel that now my blog is looking extra beautiful, fresh and new - I will get that fresh project excitement all over again.
Sorry for the super silly ramble but I wanted to address this change and let you all know what's going on in my wild mind. I can't wait to see which direction this blog goes in and maybe, just maybe a youtube channel is on the horizon.

Please follow my instagram @dear_maisie to stay up to date with me and my blog and also please feel free to like my facebook page @dearmaisie. Thank you for everyone who has supported me up until this point and I hope you love the change as much as me and continue to read <3 



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