Losing my Lipginity - First time Lip Fillers (Part one)

On Friday Feb 17th, I went and got 1ml of Restylane lip fillers. I had wanted lip fillers for so so long but because my lips were already quite full, I didn't think they'd make a difference. An opportunity arose to get lip fillers and I grabbed it with both hands. I went for my consultation and treatment at the Aesthetic Lounge in Walsall, Uk, (All their details will be linked at the bottom of this blogpost) and had my fillers done by the gorgeous Hannah. I was so so nervous that lip fillers would make me look stupid and 'cheap' but after a lovely long chat with Hannah, I was ready for a change. Hannah looked carefully at my lips and advised on where to put the fillers - I had no idea what was needed so I let her do what she thought. After 5 injections and 1ml of filler, I had gorgeous full lips, although swollen, I fell in love with them. Treatment and consultation took around 30/40 minutes start-finish as there was important paperwork to fill in. Hannah made sure I was aware about the product being used and explained possible side effects of the fillers; 
  • Bleeding from the injection sites
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Redness and tenderness at the site of the injection
It is important to ensure that all lip fillers are being performed by a qualified individual and all products used are safe. I felt very at ease knowing exactly what was being used for my treatment. I used a numbing cream around 5 minutes before my treatment which didn't stop me from feeling the needle, just made the experience a lot more pleasant. Personally, I didn't find any part of the fillers painful, it was just a weird sensation and towards the top of my lip it was a little uncomfortable. The majority of my 1ml filler was placed into my top lip as my bottom lip has always been a lot bigger than the top and it was hard to pull of bright and bold lipsticks without feeling like my bottom lip was noticeable larger.

Before filler
I've never had small lips but I've always felt like I've had 'odd' lips - my top lip has always felt a lot smaller than my bottom lip.

Taken around 1 hour before treatment 

After the treatment 
Straight away after the fillers I noticed my lips had swollen up. Hannah had made me aware that this could and would happen so it was no surprised. As the evening progressed my lips became very red and very tender - I applied vaseline to prevent any infection from occurring but also used a cold compress to help reduce the burning and swelling. At no point was I in pain with my lips, it was just uncomfortable.
An hour after lip filler.

Around 6 hours after lip fillers - covered in vaseline. Snapchat; Beckiecut

The morning after

I woke up the morning after my treatment and the swelling on my lips has reduced massively. I felt like my lips were starting to settle and I could not feel any difference from before I had fillers - There is no discomfort from the fillers being in my lips. Hannah had explained to me during the treatment that sometimes, when someone is having fillers their lips aren't always massaged enough and this can cause lumps - Hannah made sure to massage my lips thoroughly to prevent any lumping and I think that is probably why my lips felt so comfortable so soon.
The morning after lip fillers - Lips are still swollen but no where near as much as before.
Around 26 hours after lip fillers - lips feel 'normal' and look a lot less swollen

My thoughts now - before swelling has gone down
I can honestly say, I was super scared about getting fillers. A lot of my close family had said I would look 'chavy' or 'stupid' but honestly, despite peoples opinions, I am so glad I got them done. I absolutely love my lips! I have been spamming my snapchat, instagram and facebook families with picture after picture after picture of my lips. I adore everything about them. I feel so glamorous with full lips - I don't feel like they look huge or super fake, I just think they look full and defined, I adore them. Obviously they are still swollen but I cannot wait to check back in and let you know how they are once all the swelling has gone. Hannah said swelling could take up to 7 days to completely disappear so you will be getting an update within the next 7 days!
Taken around 24 hours after fillers - Love the shape and fullness of my lips
I hope this has been a good little insight into the first 24 hours lip fillers - keep updated to read part two of my lip filler 'journey' where I will pop some pictures of my lips without any swelling and will let you know how I feel then!
Lip fillers make me feel so confident - I love how full they make my lips and how youthful they make me feel with or without makeup. Taken around 30 hours after fillers
I had a baby 13 months ago and until recently, I felt so crap about my body, skin, nails, hair, face.....but honestly, within february, I've started to love my body more (back in my old jeans and weighing less than I did before Maisie, woooo!) and since having my fillers, yes, it's been a day and a bit, I honestly feel so confident and dare I say, I feel like I look good? Am I allowed to appreciate that I actually look good? I know some people will say with the lips, lashes and tan I look super fake but you know what?..I LOVE it, and that is all that matters - lil' bit of self love over here.

Thank you for reading

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