Luxury Lashes for Less!

My name is Rebecca, and I am a lash addict. There, I said it!
I have been wearing false lashes on a regular basis for around a year now and in that time I have tried a large range of brands, high end and high street but I have managed to find two brands, one of which is a brand new discovery that have allowed me to achieve a 'Luxury Lash for Less' look. I am a sucker for faux mink lashes. Faux mink lashes are cruelty free. Faux mink lashes are a price and animal friendly alternative to true mink lashes. They are often made from poly synthetic fibres or silk fibres that imitate the look of true mink lashes.
When wearing lashes I flick between two 'looks'. I like to wear fluffy and full lashes for a sexy and flirty look but then I also love wispy, natural lashes for a cute and sweet 'your lashes but better look'.

This year, as mentioned previously, I have tried many brands including; Huda lashes (gorgeous but not every-day price friendly), Kiss lashes (affordable), Ardell lashes (affordable), Lilly lashes (incredible lashes but £20+ a pair - argh) and Blinking Beaute (again, beautiful but expensive to get in the UK). But the lash brands I have managed to fall in love with are; Unicorn lashes and my absolutely favourites, Doll Beauty lashes. Both brands produce high quality faux mink/ synthetic lashes that last for between 8-16 uses depending on how well they're looked after etc.
Unicorn Lashes
I first purchased unicorn lashes in a rush - I bought them from beautybay 2 days before I was due to go away for a week as I was clean out and needed some decent lashes in a hurry. I honestly was really impressed by them. I tried two different styles; Pixie Wisp which are around £20 a pair and Unicorn Flutter which as half price at around £9.99. Both lashes are beautiful but you can tell a difference in quality between the two. The unicorn flutter lashes feel much more plastic-like and stiff than the others but despite this they look gorgeous on the eye. I would consider both of these styles to be 'every day lashes'. Give them a follow @unicorncosmeticsuk on instagram.

Doll Lashes
If I could describe my perfect lash to you - price, quality, packaging etc, doll lashes would 100% fit the bill. I discovered Doll lashes on Instagram and oh lordy, I am so glad I did. Doll lashes retail for around £10 a pair and I can usually make a single pair of lashes last a month, depending on how often I wear them sometimes even longer. I make sure that after each wear I remove all excess glue and comb through the lashes to make sure they are perfect ready for the next wear. My personal go-to styles are; Gilly (so gorgeous and fluttery but so natural - I recently wore these to a wedding and they looked so nice and natural yet made me look like i'd made an effort. LOVE) Sophia (full and gorgeous lashes for a more 'look at me' look) and Stephanie (perfect 'your lashes but better'. These, as well as Gilly are my ultimate go to lashes). I've tried quite a few styles from Doll lashes and would like to try them all - only around 5 styles left to try. The best thing about Doll is that they often put their lashes on promo (2 for £15 or 20% off for a few days) and I find that whilst on promo I stock up on lashes. Doll have recently released a highlighter and oh my lord, I need to try them - they are seriously blinding!! Check out their Instagram @_dollbeauty_ to stay up to date with discounts, competitions and customer lash pictures!
When it comes to lashes there is only one glue I reach for and that is Duo brush on lash adhesive. I can pop my lashes on at 9am and at 10pm they are still firmly attached to my eyes. I am obsessed with this adhesive and I am yet to find anything anywhere near as good - Doll recently released one and I'm curious but very sceptical at the same time.

Lashes to me are something that every girl should try - they make your eyes shine and really brighten your complexion. Lashes aren't the easiest thing to apply as a newbie but with a bit of practise they're an essential. If you're looking for a small christmas gift or even a birthday gift for a makeup loving friend, I 100% recommend a good pair of lashes (and maybe even a lash glue!).

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope it's helped you decide which lashes to try. Pictures of me wearing these lashes can be found on my instagram - I often tag the brand and hashtag the style name. If you love any other lashes - let me know! I'm always interested in trying new things.

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