Don't Choke...featuring Sugar and Spice Chokers

A few days ago I was very kindly sent a large selection of Chokers from Sugar and Spice Chokers and I just had to share them with everyone.Sugar and Spice chokers offer fast delivery on a range of gorgeous chokers - head to their S&S Etsy to shop the range. There are often great offers on the chokers also. From the selection I was sent its hard to pick a favourite as I love them all for very different reasons.
Choker One; White Lace
I, like many other people love lace. I think lace can add a classy edge to an outfit but can also be quite sexy. This white lace choker is quite wide so is a real statement choker. I absolutely love this choker for adding some extra detail to my outfits. The lace is a gorgeous quality and has beautiful intricate detail. I can see myself getting a lot of use from this beauty.
Choker Two; Natural Star
I absolutely love beige/ taupe and gold together. I think the colour combination is classic and timeless. I absolutely love this choker teamed with an open denim shirt for a relaxed look. I tend to opt for this choker for my slouchy look but still making an effort. Cannot fault this choker - perfect in anyones jewellery collection to suit any outfit.
Choker Three; Dark Olive Wave
I can honestly say I used to absolutely hate the colour green. Any single variation of green for me was a huge no-go but since spring 2017 it has seriously grown on me and I think I am a little in love with this choker. I have dark hair and green eyes as you will probably know if you follow me on Instagram/ Facebook etc and I find this choker really compliments my features. It's wave detail is a different twist on the traditional thin band choker which I really love. Love this choker again to add something to a basic chill outfit.
Choker Four; Mink Star
This is a different colour way of the previous beige/ taupe star. I love this choker in a very similar way and I wear it in the same way as the previous, the only think I like more about this choker is the colour is warmer and I find it suits me with a tan very well. The star is like a star fish which I think is a quirky and super cute detail to add to the choker.
Choker Five; Pink Pentagram
I quite honestly am not a pink girl. I love the colour but I hate to wear it and when I first saw this choker I immediately thought 'I'm going to hate it' and guess what? I kinda love it. This is super cute and girly and I think it juxtaposes a choker - chokers in my opinion aren't very girly but the pink makes it cute and sweet and then the Pentagram pendant toughens it up a bit. I love the contrast in styles of this choker and I think it's a great colour breaker on a dark coloured outfit.
Choker Six; White Feather
This choker is super cute and different in my opinion. I often think of tan/black/grey when I think of chokers but this white beauty with a beautiful feather pendant wowed me. I love how dainty it is and how beautifully it contrasts any outfit. I again teamed this with a denim shirt and loved it. Most definitely going to wear this to death but need to ensure I don't foundation neck-stain it (oops).

Choker Seven; White Peace
Again like the white feather choker, this broke all my original thoughts on chokers. The peace sign adds some hippy vibes and I can image this choker with a boho print bikini or maxi dress sunning myself in a hot country, although, mind the possible disaster tan line!! Love love love this.

Choker Eight; Black and Gold Lace
Did anyone else sing a bit in their head then (Black and gold, black and golllld) no? just me then... Anyway, I have a choker from S&S very similar to this already but I love the gold detailing. Taking this from a plain lace choker to a statement evening piece. I can imagine this with a figure hugging black dress, curls in your hair, smokey eye and a leather jacket for a biker chic with a gothic edge. Now I need to find an occasion to showcase this lovely little number!

Choker Nine; Black Feather
This is a different colour way for the white feather choker I mentioned previously. I love the feather pendant detailing taking this from a very ordinary choker into something a bit more interesting. Love the gold and black contrast and I can 100% see myself weather this day-to-day.

Choker Ten; Khaki Feather
Again, this is another colour way of the black and white feather choker and I love this colour. As I mentioned before about the green suiting me, I think this choker with my hair and eye colour and a lovely tan (courtesy of bondi sands of course) this choker is the thing of dreams. I honestly never want to take this off. I really don't like gold jewellery usually but I love the gold feather detail on this style choker. Very happy lady.

Choker Eleven; Khaki Star with Chain
This beautiful Khaki star with gold detailing. another colour way of the beige and sand star chokers mentioned previously but with the obvious chain twist. Again, the khaki of this choker is just beautiful and I love the shape of the star. I find it hard to decide which green choker I like the most but something is drawing me towards this beauty the most.
Chocker Twelve; Grey Wing
Last but by no means least we have the Grey wing. This was the first choker I tried from this bundle and I must say, I think I've found the one. It has everything I love: Grey, check, Silver hardware, check and its tight on the neck, check. I can honestly see this being my staple go-to choker for any and every outfit and if I were to pick only one choker to recommend you purchase, it would be this beauty. Adore.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning four of these gorgeous chokers - head to my instagram @seeingingreyscale and follow the instructions on the image (ends 26/08/2017).



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