Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette £8 Dupe?!

I am a die hard Charlotte Tilbury fan; I'm a sucker for the product quality and I have to admit, I'm a huge sucker for the rose gold packaging but sometimes I ask myself, could I find a product this good, for a fraction of the price?
I purchased the CT bronze and glow palette in February 2016 for the 'small' price of £49! A lady on the Birmingham Bullring concession did my makeup using the magic foundation (one of my ride of die products) alongside the B&G. Of course, my makeup looked flawless and I had both (and a brush, oops). After months and months of using this product, I kept thinking to myself, have I just tricked myself into spending £49 every time this beauty runs out...I need to find something as good, for a lot less.
Anyway, fast forward to this week, I was having a scroll through the Superdrug website as I needed hair dye and thought i'd have a look at the brand Makeup Revolution. I absolutely adored the MUR 'light and shade' palette which was an exact dupe for my Kat Von D shade and light palette so when I saw a small face palette that looked suspiciously like my CT bronze and glow, I had to purchase.


The outside of the MUR palette is black which is a lot different to the CT palette which is a gorgeous rose gold. Upon opening both products, it is noticeable that the CT palette is larger, in fact weight wise the CT palette is over double the weight of the MUR palette (7g vs 16g).
Both products have embossing into the powders themselves (my pictures will not show the embossing on the CT palette as I have loved it for many moons). Swatch wise, the bronzer from both palettes did not show up on my skin when swatched with my finger so I took it straight to my face.
On the face

I decided that the best way to compare these two palettes was to use one on each side of my face. 

Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow (bronzer and highlight - natural lighting)

CT Bronze and Glow                                    
- easy to apply to face
-gorgeous warm glow perfect for light to medium skin tones
- beautiful smell in palette but no scent lingers on face
-very blendable and seambless
-perfect for a natural contour and glow 
-not a lot of product needed to make a difference
-been used for over a year and have not hit pan

-palette is gorgeous to look at but opens easily - not good if in a bag to travel
MUR 'Renaissance glow' (bronzer and highlight - natural lighting)

MUR 'Renaissance glow'
-nice compact packaging
-click closure so will not open easily
-highlight is gorgeous and buttery 
-perfect highlight for a natural yet unnatural glow (if you know, you know)
-good price 

-a lot of bronzer is needed to show up on the face
-very sheer
-highlight is gorgeous in the light but does not photograph very well.

I really do like both palettes; I think that the MUR palette is a gorgeous palette to trial if you do not want to splurge on the CT one. Ideal for younger people who want a product similar to a high end product for a fraction of the price. I do think that the bronzer lacks pigment but for the price, you don't mind using a little more. The CT palette just oozes luxury for me and I absolutely adore it. I do think it is pricey and I think that I would definitely repurchase but I am going to try and combine the two products into my routine to try and prolong its life just a little.
Final Verdict

Overall, I rate both products and I would recommend both. As mentioned before, the MUR palette is an ideal starting point for someone trying to get into makeup, or perhaps something who isn't ready to splurge so much on the CT palette. For £8, I think the MUR palette is a bargain and an amazing dupe, albeit not an exact dupe, a very very close one.

I hope this has helped someone choose whether to get themselves the MUR dupe or whether to splurge on the CT palette.

I plan to upload more on here, motherhood really takes over a lot of my time so I'm going to try and force myself to upload at least once, if not twice a week.

Thanks for taking the time to read,



  1. This is a great comparison post, I used to have the W7 dupe but some realised I was only using the highlight, I'm not really a bronzed fan. Xx

    1. I haven't seen the W7 dupe, I'll have to check it out! Thank you xx

  2. Thank you for this guide! I went to the store and this lovely girl did my face with it, omg amazing but I cringed at the price too (along with the magic cream, £70!!) so this is really helpful in helping me find a less price alternative! CT will be the death of me financially someday...

    1. I can't believe I missed this comment! I'm so sorry. I know, it is pricey. I like to really splurge on CT maybe once a year - maybe £200 on foundation, magic cream etc and it honestly will last me nearly another year! Makeup and skincare at that price point are very often an investment. I hope this did help you!! Beckie xx


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