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I recently received a package from the lovely Sugar and Spice Chokers (@sugarandspice_chokers on Instagram & 'Sugar & Spice' on Facebook). I'm not usually a huge choker fan but these few items are enough to convert me. I was lucky enough to receive five different chokers all varying in style.

The Chokers
Out of the chokers I received, I've found 3 to be fairly wearable on a daily basis and the other two are more glam - Someone could easily pull them off for an every day choker but perhaps I'm not brave enough!
Choker 1 is a gorgeous thin black choker with a pentacle star pendant. It is quite simple and understated and very comfortable on the neck - I was worried about being choked haha! I found this choker super cute paired with a loose fit white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the neck. I absolutely love this choker and will definitely be rocking this throughout summer (and probably the rest of the year too!)
Choker 2 is a gorgeous velvet feel choker with a gold chain detail. This choker is quite understated but the chain gives it a little something extra, I love this. I'm not a huge gold fan but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love this! Again, this is super comfortable on the neck and fits nicely too.
I teamed this choker with a bralette which quite honestly I would not be seen dead in outside of the safety of my bedroom but there we go! I liked the collection of bold black lines. I would probably team this with a white shirt like the previous choker or an oversized tee, jeans, ankle boots and a leather jacket for a biker chic kinda of look (I'm a fashion failure, but I'm trying!).
Choker three is my last idea of a wearable choker. Recently I have been loving Tan, literally I have been obsessed with denim and tan so this choker is my dream. It has a gorgeous tan strap (is that even the right word?) with a slight sparkle through it with a gold leaf detail. This necklace is so dainty and cute and Is literally like I say, my dream right now. 
This choker is perfect for summer. I can see myself wearing this with oversized smock dresses throughout the warmer months as the colour helps compliment a tan (bottled, unfortunately) beautifully. This is a great alternative to a plain old black choker.
Choker 4 is beginning to step out the comfort zone for me. It is simply gorgeous but I'm not sure how brave I feel about wearing it on a daily basis. It is a gorgeous black lace choker with a scalloped edge. I bloody adore this but I'm stuck on how to make it every day appropriate. This is so sexy and cute all in one. 
I well and truly needed to team this with the bralette to continue the lacey vibes. Let me know how I can make this day time appropriate, would it be safe with the shirt?! Help.
And finally, Choker 5 is so glam, I bloody love it. I feel like all I need to complete the look with it is a cocktail in my hand. This choker is bloody sparkly diamantes! It's a magpies dream. It catches the light so beautifully and is surprisingly comfortable around the neck.
On a side note, look how fresh and glowy my skin is right now! If you want an updated skin care routine or an every day makeup routine then let me know!! But can we just take a minute for this little sparkler!! How perfect would this be with a LBD and a night out!! Ah, so cute.
And that brings us to the end of my choker haul. I bloody love each and every one of these for different reasons; they're all so different but all so nice. If you would like to get your hands on any of these babies, you can purchase them via the 'Sugar & Spice' facebook page or by visiting @sugarandspice_chokers on instagram. All the chokers arrived nice and fast and were package well so no damage could happen with the pesky postmen!

Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know what you want to see next!!



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