Introducing Seeing in Greyscale - Who am I?!

As my first blog post, I thought what could be better than introducing myself and explaining the purpose of this blog.

Firstly, my name is Rebecca but everyone usually calls me Beckie. I'm a 20 something year old lady (trying to make myself feel like a real grown up) living and sometimes existing in the Midlands. I have a daughter called Maisie who is currently 8 months old - I honestly have no idea where the last 8 months have gone.

Anyway, where can I start? - Why did I start this blog? As a parent, I know now more than ever that it is important to take time for yourself, whether that be by having a cup of tea in peace in the morning, or having a nice glass of wine in the bath of an evening; well, I wanted my 'escape' to be half an hour ( being realistic, it'll probably be a lot longer) a few days a week to sit and write a blog where I can actually talk about the things I enjoy. Now, what do I enjoy? Makeup. I am makeup OBSESSED - sometimes I question whether my obsession is a healthy one or not. I have an obscene amount of makeup which takes up a lovely large corner in my bedroom. Makeup is my escape; it gives me 5 minutes (an hour) to sit and make myself feel pretty and not like a slobby messy mom that I feel like 24/7. Why is this blog called Seeing in Greyscale? - I wear a lot of grey, my house is decorated in mostly grey, I just LOVE the colour grey. I think I'm a little scared to stand out with colour; grey is my ultimate comfort zone.

This blog may just be me talking to myself a few times a week, but if that is the case then so be it. I want this to be my space to talk about what I love. 

This blog will probably include (if I can work out exactly how to work it haha!) makeup related posts; mini or large hauls, depending on my mood, reviews, swatches, whatever I feel like doing. It may also include some outfit of the day posts, some motivational posts whatever they may be, i'm not too sure yet. Some posts about me may be included - get to know me etc. 

I have no idea what i'm doing but i'm just going with the flow. 

Hopefully someone sees this and has some faith in me and my intentions - they're all the right ones I promise!

I can't wait to get writing and I hope there's someone out there (Anybody!?) who will take the time to and maybe enjoy reading this blog. 

B x

(p.s, I'm enjoying a lovely Starbucks whilst writing this so thought I'd share the generic cup image with you all)

(p.p.s I've created an instagram to accompany my blog, if you're feeling kind, please give me a follow @seeingingreyscale)



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