The perfect glow; My tanning routine!

I have been self-tanning for close to 4 years now and in that time I have tried a number of different fake tanning brands but about a year ago I found my absolutely holy grail brand and now every single product I use whilst tanning is from that brand. That brand is....(drum roll please....)...Bondi Sands. I first stumbled across Bondi Sands on Instagram @bondisands and I was really drawn in by one particular feature of their tan; The coconut smell. I HATE the smell of fake tan, that biscuit in the sun kind of smell, it's just vile so the idea of a fake tan thats dark AND smells like coconut, sign me up.

First off, a little bit about Bondi Sands for those of you who have never tried/ heard of them before; Inspired by Australia's most well known beach, and a desire to make the ultimate tan accessible to everyone, our salon quality formulas work to give an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin meaning you stay bronzed for longer. Owned and made in Australia. (Information taken from I swear I need shares in Bondi Sands based purely upon how much I love and use their products!

When I stumbled across the brand, I was sceptical as most people are when it comes to trying something new, but really I had nothing to lose. I purchased by Bondi Sands from Boots - it is often on offer so be sure to keep your eye out. Anyway, the first products I decided to try were the dark foam, the liquid gold and the gradual tanning milk. I hadn't read any reviews on the products so I had no idea what to expect. Long story short, I tried all three products out for a week and the amount of people that asked me if I have been on holiday was immense. I looked absolutely flawless, if I do say so myself and from that point onwards I was hooked.
Fast forward to now and I basically still use the same products. On day one, usually a Monday, I will exfoliate my legs, arms and any parts of my body that are particularly dry in prep for tan application. After jumping out the shower I will lather myself head to toe in body butter and leave it to sink in before getting into my pjs and into bed. Day two is pretty much the same as day one, apart from I will shave everywhere needed as well as exfoliate and moisturise. On day three, I tan. I first of all shower to remove my deodorant from the day and to freshen up in general. I will then make sure my skin is bone dry and free from products before applying my tan. To apply my dark tanning foam I use my favourite Tarte tanning mitt, I would like to try the B.S tanning mitt but I don't think it's available in the UK. Anyway, when applying the tan I start bottom to top - feet, and legs first, then arms, body and neck, tummy and back then finally I use a damp beauty blender to apply the tan to my face for a more natural finish.

Once my tan is applied I stand around and wait for it to dry and then apply talc to my whole body. Talc to the body is a hack I literally couldn't live without now. Since I like to sleep in my tan I often find that my sheets are stained when I wake up in the mornings, which means every week I have to wash my bedding an unnecessary amount BUT, if you apply talc to your dry tan it acts as a shield and your bedding remains untouched by your tan, amazing!
So, I sleep in my tan meaning it stays on for around 10 hours ish, then I get up, shower it off and immediately apply the gradual tanning milk to the whole of my body. This 'milk' is a gorgeous gradual tan that actually feels like it is hydrating the skin when you use it, it's bloody fab. Then after about a day I use the liquid gold to 'top up' my tan to make sure it is in tip top condition and there is not a patch in sight.
Two products that have recently made it into the tanning routine are the B.S Everyday liquid gold and the B.S tan eraser (review in my previous post) and both are bloody fabulous products in their own right. The everyday liquid gold is a lot less intense than the original liquid gold but still has the gorgeous oil-like texture, it's a dream in a bottle. And do you know what the best thing about the whole tanning range is? No matter which product I use, I always smell like a gorgeous little coconut, just heavenly.

With this tan, I manage to stay looking flawless for around 4/5 days before I start to notice my skin 'cracking'. After around 6 days I will remove my tan and give myself a day of clean skin before beginning the process again. I personally choose to fake tan because I love to be bronzed and I think it suits me better to be tanned. I love fair skin but I just don't think it suits me sadly.

I always love hearing about other peoples favourite products and tanning hacks so please let me know if you have any!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you've found it somewhat informative/ interesting. Please do not hesitate to message me on Facebook/ Instagram or Tweet me if you have any questions about any products etc and be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date :)

*This blog post was not in any way sponsored by Bondi Sands - I just genuinely love the brand.



  1. I bought the everyday liquid gold not that long ago but haven't used it yet! Any tips on applying the oil? I've never used an oil tan before 😬

    1. The liquid gold is a tricky one - I'd say less is more, apply a little and let it develop - you can add but you cannot take away. I'd always say apply with a mitt for a smoother application :)


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