Bondi Sands Tan Eraser - Success or Failure?

I recently (when I say recently I mean the day this item first entered the stores) picked up the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser from Boots for £14.99. I had seen the snapchat stories from both 'mollyquiddington' from Bondi Sands and Sarah Ashcroft from the launch of this and I was so excited from the word go. As an avid fake tan applier I was particularly excited to test out this bad boy and since I only use Bondi Sands Dark foam, it seemed rude not to try the product designed to remove said tan.
This eraser recommends that you only use it after at least 3 days of self tan wear. I usually end up with 'tan cracks' after around 4-5 days so that seemed fairly reasonable. I tested the eraser on day 5 of my tan wear - I had tan cracks on my legs and in particular my ankles and a heavy 'build up' on my sahara desert-esque dry knees so it was going to be a real test of the eraser. The bottle suggests leaving the foam on for at least 5 minutes before removing in the shower with a warm cloth, especially for stubborn areas. Lets be real here, my skin is horribly dry despite lathering myself in copious amounts of body butter daily so every part of my tan was stubborn. If i'm being honest, I've done some pretty awful things to remove my tan in the past, worst one being scrubbing my legs with BLEACH! Something I am not at all proud of but it seemed to be the only thing that ever worked (Don't worry it was heavily diluted).
Fake tan after 4 days with no top up/ gradual tan. Before eraser.
Anyway, I applied the eraser to my whole body and left it to 'soak in'. The first thing I noticed about the eraser was the smell, it isn't the characteristic Bondi Sands coconut smell unfortunately but it is not at all unpleasant. Quite a nice scent actually just strange at the same time. Second thing I noticed was the tackiness of the foam, after applying liberally to my entire body and extra where my tan was really 'baked on', I noticed how tacky and sticky I felt, and personally I found it quite unpleasant.

After around 3-4 minutes my legs began to sting, not so badly that it was painful but enough to make me a little concerned about my skin. Nevertheless I waited the whole 5 minutes before jumping into my shower to begin scrubbing away at my tan. I have to say the shower water did seem very brown whilst washing my body and I thought 'FINALLY!!'. I scrubbed and scrubbed to try and make sure I got every single speck of tan off my body then got out the shower.

Sadly, once getting out the shower I still had tan cracks on my legs and my knees were still three shades darker than the rest of me :( Maybe this product was really too good to be true. In true tight arse 'I'm not bloody letting this be a waste of £15' style I tried the eraser again the following night and to my surprise it actually did a great job! My whole tan hadn't miraculously vanished but it was a damn sight better than it was the night before and my knees looked somewhat normal!
After one 'treatment' this the eraser. Notice a visible difference in the colour of my knees and ankles
My opinion/ advise is, don't give up on this eraser. It is probably best when used on tan that hasn't built up on the skin like mine but it is an eraser at the end of the day and it's meant to tackle tan at any stage. I would say, if you're like me and like to preserve your tan until it's on it's very last legs then you will probably find that you need to use this eraser over two or so nights for the most effective removal results. I most certainly wouldn't write this product off on the first attempt! I will definitely keep using this eraser and I'm glad that Bondi Sands came out with such a unique product. If you have lovely, hydrated skin you may find the removal process easier than mine but if you're like me, definitely attempt removal over a few days and make sure you moisturise in-between.

I hoped this has helped you make if your mind upon purchasing this product, or you're just now clear on the best way in which to remove your tan. Fingers crossed this works for a lot of people as its a cracking little product. I will definitely re-purchase once my bottle has run out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and hopefully I will get more posts up as regularly as possible.

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