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I naturally have very fair, ginger/brown hair naturally and because of this, I grew up brow-less. My brows are basically non-existant. When I was about 18 I decided enough was enough and looked into High Definition (HD) brows. I found a local HD brow expert (her name is Sarah and she is incredible, I don't think I'll ever trust another person with my brows HD Brows by SJP) and decided to have HD brows done. I really hadn't done much research in HD brows before having them done, I simply looked at before and after images. (Please excuse how crap I look in these photos, a toddler running around whilst having your brows done do not make for pretty pictures!)
So, what are HD brows?
Hd brows is a 7 step eyebrow shaping and tinting treatment focusing mainly on the shape and design of the brow. HD brows includes a combination of techniques including tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing and 'styling' with a range of HD brow products.
How long do HD brows take?
If a person has a naturally well-shaped brow, the process will take around 20 minutes. The more shaping/ tinting a person requires, the longer the process will take. On average my brows take 20-30 minutes as I like dark, defined brows.
Are HD brows and Microblading similar?
HD brows are created using a variety of hair removal techniques in order to create the desired brow shape which on average lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. Prices of HD brows range from £20-£25 on average. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that is classed as a 'tattoo'. Pigment are implanted into the skin with a fine needle to create realistic hair like stroke in the brows. Microblading lasts for around 1-3 years with touch-ups needed and can cost between £300-£500 during this time. 
Do HD brows hurt?
In my opinion, they don't hurt but they aren't painless. Waxing is sharp, especially around the eye area and I always end up with watering eyes. I do not feel like I am in agony but it smarts for a minute! I wouldn't be put off by the pain as is subsides within a minute. 
How many HD brow treatments will I need before I have my 'perfect brows'?
This completely depends upon the person having it - how much hair you have and the shape your brows are already in. Some people can achieve their perfect brows with just one treatment but your individual brow stylist will be able to guide and advise. I managed to have my ideal brow shape after around 2 treatments. I try to keep my brows well groomed and maintained between treatments to help keep my shape consistent and natural as possible.
Will I need a patch test for my first HD brows?
Yes. A patch test is usually required 48 hours before brows - similarly to having your hair dyed. A patch test is necessary for every tinting treatment ordinarily. A small amount of vegetable dye is placed in an area away from the eyes, in case of an allergic reaction as the eye area is very sensitive and could cause a lot of discomfort.   
I really want HD brows, where can I get them done?
Hd brows have around 8,500 stylists all across the UK. If you visit the HD brows website, you can enter your postcode and it will show all stylists within your local area. Alternatively most stylists, like Sarah, have a Facebook page so you will more than likely find a local stylist fairly quickly.
Will my face be red after the treatment?
Yes. After waxing your face will be red and tender but this subsides within about an hour of treatment (for me, at least). I often find that for around 2 days after HD brows, the skin around my brows is extremely dry but I have very dry skin naturally so it isn't anything new. I avoid washing my brows for a few hours after treatment - hence the no makeup. Within about a week, I find my brows have washed out to a very natural yet defined colour and this lasts on me for around 5 weeks before I feel the need for a touch up/ fresh brow treatment.
Can I draw over my brows after treatment?
Of course! I like to have HD brows so I feel human whenever I am makeup-less but when wearing makeup, I use my dyed brows as a template for my 'real' brows. I try and fade my natural brows into my makeup brows for a very natural 'I swear they're my brows' look. HD brows give me the confidence to go makeup-less more often without feeling conscious about having no eyebrows. I am super happy with the treatment and wish I had discovered it sooner!! (the recommended age for HD brows is 16years +)

I hope that this post has informed people about what HD brows are and have answered some of the FAQ's about the treatment. I'm sorry for my awful face ruining every picture but hopefully they gave you an idea about each step of the HD journey.

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