What's in my bag: Mom edition

 I know that as a Mom, there is nothing more exciting as watching 'What's in my bag' videos on youtube and discovering a bag you love... then discovering you can't even fit anything remotely necessary inside..great! As a mom to a young child, it is super important to me to be able to have a handbag that is nice looking, but ultimately that is functional for every day use. 

For my every day hand bag, I tend to use my Zara city bag - this is a pretty old bag now (2/3 years old) but every single year Zara bring out a new city bag. This is Zara's 'functional' city bag of early 2017 - https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/bags/view-all/city-bag-with-pendant-c819022p4144020.html. This bag is bloody brilliant; designed for the office, it comes with plenty of zip-pocket storage, 3 internal sections - one being a padded zip pocked that fits up to a 13" mac book! This bag is perfect for every day use as well as travel. I love the fact this bag has top handles and a shoulder strap.

The contents;
Item one in my handbag is my purse. This is the Vivienne Westwood Frilly snake purse I believe and it retails for around £120. This purse was the first gift my boyfriend bought me when we met (super lucky, I know) and I have used it ever since. For 3 years of continual use, this purse is looking amazing! It has 8 sections for cards which I double up to fit more in. It also has 2 internal sections with a zip centre. It closes with a press stud. I will link a similar purse for you; http://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/vivienne-westwood-saffiano-leather-wallet_276-85857041-2800V67VS25122/?previewAttribute=Nero
Item two in my purse is very excitingly two nappies. These nappies are from a brand Naty by Nature and they are incredible. We have used Naty nappies since the day Maisie was born and we cannot praise them enough. Naty by Nature website says; "The soft, cloth-like feel of Naty provides an excellent, non-bulky fit from newborn to toddler and the quality is consistently top ranked among parents. In addition to this, our eco nappies are completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin) and are hypoallergenic. Go green without having to give up performance." These nappies hold so much and do not leak despite how active Maisie has become. I do not usually carry nappies around in my handbag but I had them in there waiting to pop in the changing bag in the car. We do have a Cath Kidston backpack in the car full of all things nappy/ outfit change. 

Item three in my handbag is a Marc Jacobs makeup bag I got free with a purchase of a perfume in Duty free a few years back.
This bag is brilliant for holding all my little essential together whilst also being bright enough for my to spot in the depths of my bag. In this little bag, I keep my plasters and blister plasters cause I seriously have such bad luck with shoes! Flats, heels, boots, you name it, I always manage to pick the ones that bloody run. I also keep a hand cream cause my hands are constantly so dry. I have to make sure I have a pen and pad with me just incase I need to jot down anything important. And finally, I never leave the house without lip balm, and/or a lipstick. I currently have my Lippitts Cosmetics (http://www.lippittscosmetics.com/) Liquid lip in 'Lizzie'. I need to buy myself a back up as I cannot leave this alone, the formula, colour, longevity, urgh, they're amazing. If you'd like a review and swatch blog post, let me know!!

Finally, the last item I have pictured is this, Sophie La giraffe. Sophie has been with us a long time now and we cannot seem to leave her at home on a day out. If we don't have sophie, we have a grey bunny from next (this is currently cradled in the arms of my sleeping child). Sophie is a brilliant teething aid and I cannot recommend her enough. A lot of people have said about the mould growing inside of her but I have put her through the dishwasher and I've cut a tiny hole in her foot and we are safe!

Other Items floating around my bag are my glasses; not many people know I wear glasses, well, that I'm meant to wear glasses. I have glasses for reading but they bug me so I tend to just struggle on without them. I obviously carry my Phone in my bag too, but I was using it to take my pictures! I have an Iphone 6s with a horrifically cracked screen. I also have my car/house keys in my bag usually but I didn't think I'd need to show those! Other things that often make their way in to my bag are half eaten biscuits, wet wipes and juice bottles, usually upside down so the juice goes everywhere, oh the joys of children.

I hope you enjoyed this brief and honest look into what is often in side of my mom-bag and you have learnt that you don't have to have a gross changing bag, you can still retain some of your normal items and have a handbag full of almost your own things.

I'm so sorry for my absence and I promise I will be posting at least once, if not twice a week from now on!



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