Silicone Makeup Sponge; Yay or Nay?

I recently won a competition on Facebook to win a silicone makeup sponge. I thought these were a bit of a fad so wasn't too interested in spending any money on one, so I was delighted to win one to try out. I won mine from a company called 'Lillilale' who sent my sponge out extremely quickly.

First thoughts

My first thought was 'why is everyone going mad over a small chicken fillet?!' The sponge looks like you should be putting it in your bra, not applying your foundation with it. The sponge is soft to the touch and has 2 sides, one curved and one flat. I was so optimistic about this sponge - how the hell can a little silicone sponge give me a flawless makeup application?! I was soooo eager to try this little bad boy out that I did a full coverage look just to test it to the max. One thing I noticed whilst playing with my Silicone sponge and my beauty blender is the difference in the amount of product needed and the product wasted during application. Because the silicone sponge is 'solid' there is nowhere for product to soak in to, unlike a beauty blender that does soak up a lot of product - if you've ever cleaned one, you'll understand just how much product is absorbed.

The first application

I wasn't too sure how to go about putting the foundation on my skin with the sponge - apply it to my face or on the back of my hand and transfer to my face with the sponge, so i trailled both ways. To begin with, I used the curved side of the sponge and it smeared my makeup all over my face - I assumed this was game over and was a little disappointed but I decided to persevere and try the completely flat side - game changer. I am used to using a beauty blender with obviously is a sponge and is a lot softer - the Silicone sponge takes a little time to get used to as the blending, 'bouncing' motion has to be different but once you know how hard to bounce the sponge to buff your foundation, it works wonders. My makeup wasn't as perfect as usual but it was my first time using the silicone sponge and I was super impressed. I then tried blending out my concealer with the sponge - amazing. Flawless blending with hardly any effort.

Overall opinion

I honestly didn't love this silicone blender for full coverage thick foundation because I didn't feel like it buffed the product into my skin well enough but for concealer, it was amazing, mostly because its a thinner constancy and blends nicer than thick foundation. I tried this sponge with a BB cream later in the day and it blended it into the skin much more seamlessly for me, using hardly any product. My opinion is; If you wear a lot of heavy, full coverage foundation, I would personally stick to a beauty blender or a buffing brush to apply your makeup, but, if you like wearing light-medium coverage foundation or bb creams/ tinted moisturisers then I would 100% recommend a silicone sponge to aid your makeup application. I will definitely be using this sponge a lot throughout the summer when I'm using my light coverage foundations just to help perfect my skin-tone. My sponge is from Lillilale and you can purchase yours by clicking the link;

I hope this quick little post has helped you decide whether or not to purchase a sponge for yourself. I love mine and will be using it regularly!

Thanks for reading

*please note, this video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.



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