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To create a masterpiece, one must first have the correct equipment. Ha, my face, a masterpiece?! Anyway, when I do my makeup, I like to have my own space, somewhere I can store my excessive mascara collection or my copious amounts of foundation, that is why when we moved house, I created my makeup area.

My makeup area/ dressing table/ baby free zone is in the corner of my bedroom. The set up consists of the IKEA Malm dressing table in white and the Alex 9 drawer unit from IKEA also. My dressing table is nothing crazy and certainly does not live up to the flashy perfectly organised and decorated ones on Instagram, but its my sanctuary and I love it.

A Close up - the dressing table itself:

This artwork is from a brand called Ros Shiers - the pictures themselves are actually cards and they are hand-drawn designs of lipsticks and Chanel bottles. The detail on the pictures is amazing and I highly recommend you checking the brand out. The picture frames are from the range; I've painted them grey than sanded down the edges to give a more rustic appearance.
The top of my dressing table has been decorated in a marble-look vinyl sticker which I think gives the dressing table (retailing for around £80) a much more expensive appearance. My notebook is from Sainsburys and is full of my wishlist for this month and future blog plans and titles (there is a lot of exciting stuff to come!). My makeup brushes are stored in white pots from IKEA and a Cath Kidston mug.
The drawer of my dressing table is sectioned up into different 'parts' of the face. There is a section for eyebrows, Concealer, face cream/ eyelash curlers/ free samples, mascara and eyeliner. Most of the time these sections are a complete mess but they're an organised mess of sorts. 
A close up of the drawers - the divider trays are from IKEA

A Close up - the Alex drawer unit:

Each Drawer in my Alex unit holds a different kind of products;

Drawer 1 - The random crap drawer full of tealights, yankee candle tarts ready to melt and clothes for dusting (I didn't think this drawer needed a picture taking haha!)

Drawer 2 - Blush. This drawer holds all of my blush-like products from a variety of brands including too faced, tarte, nars, sleek and soap and glory just to name a few.

Drawer 3 - Eyeshadow. This drawer is an organised mess, of sorts. I have all of my eyeshadow palette, singles and lid primer. Some of the brands included in this drawer are Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Kat Von D and Smashbox.

Drawer 4 - Highlight and bronzer. This drawer is for all my highlighting and bronzer needs. I have a mish-mash of products in here, some of which are neglected often. Brands in this drawer include, Charlotte Tilbury, Tarte, Nars, Becca and Cover FX to name a few.

Drawer 5 - The crap drawer #2 - this drawer is storage for my pandora rings and space charms and also my poloroid wireless printer. Again, I didn't think a picture of this drawer was necessary.

Drawer 6 - Lip products. This drawer is full of lipbalms, lipsticks lip liners and liquid lips. I'm not really a huge lip product person but if I find a product from a brand and I love it, I HAVE to have a range of colours from the same brand. This drawer includes brands such as Limecrime, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Bite and Marc Jacobs beauty.

Drawer 7 - Lashes and perfume. This drawer is sort of an inbetween drawer. I keep all my perfumes in a box together and behind it I store some of my lashes in an old Dior gift box. Some of the perfumes I use include Dior Poison Girl, Dolce and Armani Si. Some of the eyelash brands I love include Eylure, Hude Beauty, Kiss lashes and House of Lashes (not pictured).

Drawer 8 - Foundation. I am a foundation hoarder. I love trying new foundations and because I fake tan (Tan routine/ review coming soon) I am able to justify buying a multitude of different foundation shades to match my ever changing complexion.

Drawer 9 - The crap drawer #3 (kind of) this drawer is mainly for my spare cotton pads, makeup wipes and all my cleansing products that do not require water. I also have a large range of face masks that I haven't yet tried.

Below I will include some close ups of the drawers.

Drawer 2

Drawer 2

Drawer 3

Drawer 3

Drawer 4

Drawer 4

Drawer 6

Drawer 7

Drawer 7

Drawer 8

 In no way do I think this is an oscar winning makeup set up, but as mentioned previously, this is where I feel most comfortable and relaxed and love doing my makeup sitting here.

I hope you enjoyed this little in depth tour into my dressing table and I can't wait to sit and it later today and plan some more blog content.



  1. What a gorgeous beauty area! I'm so excited to get mine done finally - you have a huge collection too 😍
    I look forward to seeing more!



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