In The Nude: Top 5 Nude Lip Products

I absolutely love a good nude lip. Until recently, I was scared I'd look a bit bland and plain with a nude lip until I tried these 5 products. They rocked my world and turned me from a boring lipstick-less lady to a nude queen. On a side note, please excuse my nails, I'm attempting to let them grow and avoid my usual extensions and safe to say, they're short and stubby as always.

Anyway, this post is about my top 5 nude lip products, ranging from fairly reasonably priced to ridiculously priced but nonetheless, I love each product dearly and reach for them often.


In 5th place in the nude lip line up is; Tom Ford Lip Colour in 13 Blush Nude. This lipstick is pricey at a silly £39.00 but quite honestly, this lipstick will literally last you a long time. I have owned this lipstick for nearly 2 years and I have had a lot of usage from it and it still has its 'bullet' shape. This lipstick is pricey yes, but I feel that it is definitely worth it. The colour is such a soft nude; it's the perfect day to night lip colour. The colour stays on the lips for a long time without flaking or fading and does not begin to smear after an hour or so like a lot of nude lipsticks on the market. I really enjoy wearing this lip colour when I'm aiming for a fresh faced, natural, glowing makeup look.

Sorry for the poor image quality, I've had to use my phone for these pictures! the colour is a soft pink nude with a sheer finish. I absolutely love this colour and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality nude with a lasting colour.


In 4th place in my nude lip top 5 is; Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Child Star. This is the first of many liquid lipsticks I would like to purchase from Too Faced. The colour is a beautiful brown-toned nude with a hint of pink. The colour pay off it lovely and this lipstick has a long lasting finish. My only complaint about this lipstick is that it clings to any little mark/ dry patch you may have on your lips. I would say this isn't the liquid lip I will be reaching for over winter as the weather turns lips into a chapped mess. Despite this flaw, the colour itself is a definite staple in my number lipstick wardrobe.


In 3rd place in my top nude lip product countdown is; Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood. This liquid Lipstick is so gorgeous. I saw this colour all over my Instagram a few months back and immediately I HAD to have it. Unfortunately, this product isn't currently stocked in the UK so I bought mine from This product retails for $20/£16 and then shipping and tax costs are added on top. This lipstick is incredible, the colour is such a gorgeous mauve nude, perfect for every day wear. The liquid lip does dry matte but it doesn't dry your lips out in the slightest. I highly recommend sourcing some of these lipsticks are they are so true to colour and extremely long lasting. I purchased mine in January 2016 and I still have a tonne left in the bottle.


In 2nd place in my nude lip countdown is Anastasia Beverly Hills Crush Liquid Lipstick. Because I love the formula so much, I have to expand my colour palette and try another nude from the liquid lipstick range. This colour is a lot more pink-toned than Pure Hollywood but is no less beautiful. Again the colour pay off is flawless and the longevity is incredible. I've said it once so I'll say it again, If you can get your hands on these, try them!!


My top nude lip product at the moment is a surprising product for me; Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out. I'm not a mega fan of Smashbox products usually, I love their full exposure palette and that is where my love for them ends. Recently I bought the 'Sephora Favorites Give me some Lip' collection and this product was inside it. On the website, this product was describe as a dark brown Liquid Lipstick and immediately I anticipated HATING it. When the product arrived, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and swatched it on my hand. The formula was smooth and the colour was bold and solid so I decided to try it on my lips. Honestly, I don't fall in love with products easily, I will have a lot of lust for a product but it takes a very special product to make me love it but after one application to the lips, I knew this was going to be an autumn staple lip colour for me. The texture, the colour, the longevity, everything is just amazing about this product. It's not a real 'nudey-nude' but it's still a nude in my mind. I love this product and it has well and truly earn't a place in my heart and 1st place in my top 5 nude lips. I'm hooked.

I think my 3 selfies show just how much I love this lip product.


Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar Enamored Hi Shine Lip Laquer.

Strictly speaking this product isn't a product I love on it's own but I like to use it alongside my ABH Crush Liquid Lipstick. I saw Jaclyn Hill (if you haven't watched her YouTube videos, go watch her, she's incredible) raving about this lipgloss and it made me so curious about it. I'm not a real glossy lip girl usually, I love a nice matte lip but the way she described and swatched this product made me NEED it in my life. I again ordered this product from Sephora and when it arrived I applied it to my lips and hated it. It made my lips looked washed out and pasty, I immediately regretted my purchase, threw it in my drawer and semi forgot about it. Then, one day when I was wearing Crush I decided to try it on top. Oh my lord, I loved it again. The colour combination was just beautiful and I began to love this product again. Its a very pale nude with a champagne shimmer running through it. And the best bit? It smells like peppermint - it's soooo nice. This product made me fall in love with glossy lips again but as of yet, I'm not a complete convert.

Left - Crush and Sugar Sugar Right - Sugar Sugar alone

Wearing Crush and Sugar Sugar on lips

Tom Ford Blush Nude     Too Faced Child Star     ABH Pure Hollywood    ABH Crush     Smashbox Stepping Out                                                                            Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar

I hope you enjoyed my little insight into my favourite nude lips.

I'd love to know what your favourite nude lip it. I'm always looking to try new products and new brands.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Until next time



  1. Wow! Great review!

    I would definitely recommend a Jeffree Star nude - incredible! And also NYX liquid suede in Sandstorm. Give them a try 😁


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